How big is our solar system?

Joe Hanson shrinks the solar system to a relatable scale in the latest episode of "It's Okay to be Smart."


Some really great stuff in here, even if you've seen a scale representation of our cosmic neighborhood before. Hanson touches on habitable zones, the Voyager spacecraft, the misrepresentation of asteroids in our solar system's asteroid belt, and more.


Give it a watch – then try making your own model of the solar system.

[It's Okay to be Smart]


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There are numerous scale models of the solar system, almost a dozen in the US alone. One is quite close to me here in DC, at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. In most cases the Sun is about a foot in diameter, a quarter-inch Earth is about a hundred feet from the sun, and a pin-head Pluto (no longer a planet, but what the hell) is a bit over a half-mile away.