How Big A Hoax Was The Moon Landing? The MythBusters Settle It

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This week the MythBuster boys delve into the conspiracy theory behind the lunar landing. Find out once and for all if you can fake a moon walk. Not only that, but there's a Dark Angel marathon, and all-new episodes of Eureka and The Middleman. It may be late August, but TV won't let you down. Monday: The Middleman this week is all about the cranky robot Ida. Nanobots take over her circuits and she becomes evil. Finally, I've been dying for a Ida-centric episode since the beginning, her sassy back and forth with Wendy is why I love her. The Middleman is on ABC Family at 10 PM. Futuristic private dick Charlie Jade solves universe-hopping shenanigans at 3 AM on the Sci Fi Channel. Movies: Let your mind flutter back through time with Ashton Kutcher, as he travels back in time to save his girlfriends life over, and over, and over, in The Butterfly Effect on FX at 9 PM. Also genetically engineered dinosaurs will roam the Earth again, but in their own theme park, in Jurassic Park on the Sci Fi channel at 9 PM. Tuesday: The Sci Fi Channel gives us all Jessica Alba all day with a Dark Angel marathon. Tune in at 8 A.M. to watch the genetically engineered Alba kick butt in a post-apocalyptic world. After last weeks super dark Eureka, this week's new episode "Show Me The Money," looks like a return to the light comedy fare. This week, the super-genius town of Eureka has to deal with a cursed mummy on the loose. The show airs at 9 PM on the Sci Fi Channel.

Movies: Watch the making of Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith on the Spike channel at 9 PM. Wednesday: Get a glimpse into the future, and meet our future robot slaves (or is that overlords?) on The NextWorld: Android Helpers At Home which airs on the Discovery Channel at 8 PM. MythBusters lunar landing episode breaks down the rumors that the whole moon landing was just a hoax on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM.

Thursday: Movies: Watch the world blow to bits, no thanks John Connor (Nick Stahl) in Terminator 3. The absent-minded professor makes a basketball team fly with the aid of his scientific experiments, in the 1997 version of Flubber on TBS at 9 PM. Watch the Federation fight the Romulan baddies in Star Trek: Nemesis at 10:30 PM on AMC. Friday: The Sci Fi Channel is hosting an all-day Star Trek: Enterprise marathon. Movies: Help teenage Matthew Broderick outsmart a government computer that's taken control over the United States' weapons and is ready to start World War III, in War Games at 12:30 AM on AMC. Saturday: Movies: Join the fight against mutant injustice with an X-Men double feature on FX. At 6:30 PM watch X-Men, and right after that, watch X2 at 9 PM. The Sci Fi Channel has a large movie marathon, including Beyond Loch Ness at 1 PM, and Black Swarm at 7 PM. The original monster man, Boris Karloff, does what he does best in monster movies. In House of Frankenstein, Karloff and his hunchback friend continue the work of Dr. Frankenstein, plus there's Dracula as played by John Carradine.

Sunday: Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about creatures without bones. Big fat scary floppy monster creatures terrorize us, in MonsterQuest: Boneless Horror at 2 AM on the History Channel. Metalocalypse teaches us all how to save a failing economy with one Dethklok record, but it needs to be on time or else we're all doomed, in "Dethrecord" in on Adult Swim at 2 AM. Movies: Discover your secret inner superhero with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable on the Sci Fi Channel at 9 PM.


Chip Skylark of Space

I hope they fire a laser at one of the prisms we left at the landing sites. six sites, six prisms, each one bouncing back your laser pulses, just like clockwork. No place else on the moon will do that for you. I hear that in a few months, we'll finally have detailed pictures from the Japanese orbiter of some of the landing sites. I hope they release the Apollo 12 / Surveyor site, so we can look at the foot prints linking the two landing sites. I think if we can see the Mars landers from orbit, they aught to release some lunar snaps to do the same thing.