How Benjamin Button Will Win All The FX Awards

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Benjamin Button has swept the Oscar nominations. And while I may not agree with all of the noms, Button should be a lock for Visual Effects. Check out this new behind-the-scenes video.


Benjamin Button was a collaboration of Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Digital Domain, Asylum FX, Matte World and Lola FX. When everybody put their heads together, what we got was the aged face of Brad Pitt on a tiny body that looked too good to be your standard digital manipulation.


Over at, there's an extensive collection of videos that show just how they made Brad look so good. It's pretty amazing how similar the end result is to Brad's brow.

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[via Rope Of Silicon]

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I was just saying this on another thread. Some amazing shit in onscreen in this movie that's a lot more complex than a flying armored suit. But most impressive I maintain is how they made him look 18.