How Bad Would It Be to Eat This Whole Discworld Cake?

Illustration for article titled How Bad Would It Be to Eat This Whole emDiscworld/em Cake?

I realize that polite society frowns on plunging your hand right into the middle of a cake and then shoveling that cake into your mouth, but sometimes you can't help the impulse. And I JUST WANT TO DEMOLISH THIS WHOLE CAKE.


I came to Discworld relatively late — in the sense that I was a junior in college before I started to devour them all. This means I was denied the childhood right to demand a Discworld-themed birthday party from my parents. I have not yet recovered from this scar on my soul.

How about all of you? Any party you had that was epic? One you wished you'd had?


[Cake by Art2Eat Cakes via Cake Wrecks]

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Do you think there's a layer of treacle in the disc?