How A Zygote Becomes A Baby In One Incredible Animation

Science-visualization wunderkind Eleanor Lutz continues to raise the bar for animated infographics with her latest creation, a hypnotizing guide to embryonic development.

Lutz says she's been wanting to do an infographic on embryogenesis for some time, but was stumped on how to present the information. A mesmerizing GIF designed by animator Nicolas Fong inspired her to use the spiraling format you see here. As with her previous work, the end result combines concision with dynamic imagery to arresting effect. Imagine how useful something like this would be in a developmental biology textbook (er... e-book?):


Writes Lutz:

I'm actually really happy with how this turned out. I made this using 44 animations that are 9 frames each. That's 396 sketches total - probably the most complicated GIF I've made so far. I am a little sad that I wasn't able to show size properly though. For example. the 24 week fetus is about 40 times heavier than a 12 week fetus (but you can't tell that from this drawing).

Prints of the infographic are available here. More info on Lutz's website.

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