At last, proof that Re-Animator 4, also called House of Re-Animator, is definitely in the works. William H. Macy (whom you may have seen in bloodfest Fargo) told press at Sundance that the politically-charged movie — in which a George W. Bush-style prez orders the re-animation of his VP — will definitely be happening. He'll play the president, and horror-satirist Stuart Gordon (who directed the bizarrolicious first Re-Animator) will be helming, working "slowly but surely," Macy said.

Last year the very political project was rumored to be stalled due to concerns from the studio that it was too political, and was too obviously referring to Dick Cheney being a re-animated zombie. If that was the real reason, then how is the TV show Jericho able to get away with its Obviously Cheney figure, a shady intelligence dude from DHS who may have masterminded the attacks on U.S. cities? It's a mystery to us, but we're relieved to hear that the movie is back on track.


While you're waiting for this one, be sure to check out the original Re-Animator, as well as Gordon's more recent flick Dagon, which is one of the most faithful adaptations of an H.P. Lovecraft story I've ever seen (it's a retelling of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," set in Spain).

Macy on Re-Animator Sequel Status [Shock Til You Drop]

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