House of Gundam

Reboot, a concept home designed by Philly native Victor Vetterlein, is literally a Gundam house — like the giant robot armor from anime, it responds to commands and looks like a giant creature with a glowing eye. It's wired so that you can voice command it to do things like turn on the AC, dim the lights, bust out some dance music, or play a movie. Your laptop or cell phone serve as your cockpit—you can navigate it wirelessly from wherever.


The surface of the house has a double-curved space frame for structure, vaporized skin, insular foam, and solar cell paint to top it all off—any energy it doesn't generate on its own is supplemented by wind turbines in the backyard, which also help operate a hydraulic elevator.

Here are some blueprints of the interior.


Victor Vetterlein main page via Dezeen

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