The Harlech House in Dublin has a beautiful stainless steel dragon guarding the gate. It's no dragon hedge, but it'll do. And the price can't be beat!


Harlech House was built in 1798, and it's a marvel of modern remodeling and ancient artifacts. Like a thousand-year-old carved Christ figure in the basement. And another Christ in the hall, paired with some lovely 2000 BC Hittite clay tablets. And what appears to be as stainless steel banister attempting to take over the rest of it's house with its massive claws:


Here's the part of the real estate listing at

Approached by dramatic stainless steel dragon gates Harlech House was built circa 1798. Set on 0.86 Acre is a totally unique family home of exceptional style and character. This is without doubt one of the most imaginative and beautiful period homes to come to the Dublin market in recent years. Between 1993-2000 the property has undergone a extensive programme of restoration and redesign, resulting in the creation of a truly special family home. The entire has been designed using the skills of some of the world's finest craftsmen to create a home of exceptional quality. Throughout the house all detail is bespoke. The brief by the owner was to proclaim the richness of nature, the beauty of detail, and the inspiration of light and to provide pleasure to the eye and touch through a spectrum of materials. Great taste, care, thought and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in a perfect fusion of period and contemporary style.

The house was designed with wonderful interconnecting reception rooms perfect for large family gatherings and entertaining, complimented by generous bedroom and living accommodation, the kitchen cum living room is at the heart of the house.


Stupidly, the listing doesn't put up a picture of the dragon gate until 23 photos into the gallery. Seriously, you should lead with that photo! That's what justifies the price. C'mon guys, we can absolutely pool our money and turn it into our io9 clubhouse.

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