Hour-long "Joy of Stats" video explains why statistics is the sexiest science

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This is perfect for some lazy Sunday viewing: the complete, hour-long documentary "The Joy of Stats", in which incredibly excited host Hans Rosling takes you inside the world of numbers. Prepare to fall in love with statistics all over again.


The program originally aired on BBC4, but the entire thing is now freely viewable online. Like its host, Swedish statistician Hans Rosling, the program is fast-paced, informative, and ever so slightly ridiculous. In other words, it's completely awesome, and well worth watching all in one go or divided into smaller but still significant chunks. So, settle in and watch Rosling and his friends make the data sing...

[via Bioephemera]

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Patrick Hogan

Let me guess: 7 out of 10 scientists said it was the sexiest science?