Hotel Artemis Gets a Retro-tastic Trailer for Its Beautiful, Bloated Cast

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It might not be at Avengers: Infinity War levels, but Drew Pearce’s new scifi crime flick Hotel Artemis has got a big cast of characters, and the movie knows it might be hard to figure out who’s who. Luckily, the latest trailer is here to shine a spotlight on all the cuddly criminals checking in for the night.

The retro-style trailer for Hotel Artemis profiles each main actor in the film as well as what parts they’re playing. As pointed out by /Film, it’s a tribute to a trailer for the 1975 film Nashville, which famously boasted a 26-character cast (including Artemis co-star Jeff Goldblum). The nod works in more ways than one. As Pearce previously told io9, Hotel Artemis is a throwback to films that Pearce loved when he was a kid, so it makes sense that the trailer (and film) would give off a retro vibe.

You can also check out the motley crew in these cool character posters.


Hotel Artemis stars Jodie Foster as a nurse who runs a hotel that’s actually a secret hospital for criminals, set in a near-future LA that’s gone downhill a bit. The whole film takes place over one night, as Foster’s patients try to survive while barely managing to avoid killing each other.

Hotel Artemis comes out June 8.

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Nothing about that trailer made be want to see it.