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Hot Tub Time Machine's deleted scene teases possible sequels

Illustration for article titled Hot Tub Time Machines deleted scene teases possible sequels

How could they make a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel? A new deleted scene offers some hints: Chevy Chase's character lists all the other creations he invented. Fingers crossed for John Cusack's Freaky Friday Toaster or Dead Relative Taxi Driver.


[via NY Post]

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Was I the only person who found this movie incredibly depressing? Consider this...

When Lou stays behind, he changes history so everyone has had a happy sucessful life, but when the others come back, they don't remember it. So, what happened to the versions who actually led those lives? They are effectively dead, right? So now, the miserable, embittered versions are living lives that they have no idea how to live. Nick is now a sucessful producer. I doubt he is going to manage that since he has spent his life as a vet or whatever he was at the start. John Cusack's character (I forget his name) has had a long, happy relationship with the girl of his dreams, but he doesn't remember it. Doesn't remember the wedding, the honeymoon, her favourite food, anything. That's gonna work out great, isn't it?

Plus, the versions of them who lived through those years still had to go the resort so they could be replaced, right? So they willingly walked to their own deaths, effectively. What did they tell their families? 'Honey, I'm going away for the weekend. When I get back, I may need you to recap the last 20 years for me.'

So, the cast (all bar Lou, who has actually lived the intervening years) walk back into a confusing, frightening existence with no memory of the happiness they are told they have lived. And this was a comedy? Sounds more like something Bradbury would write...