Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer Proves An Old Gag Is Still Funny

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Here's the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the sequel we didn't ask for but are enjoying nonetheless. Also, it looks like John Cusack's character was replaced with new addition Adam Scott. We're OK with this.


Not sure how much of this movie is just the three comics Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry just spitballing, but it works. It's almost cute it works so well. And if you were wondering, Chevy Chase will be returning and Community's Gillian Jacobs is another new addition.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 hits theaters on Feb. 20th, 2015.

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* I feel like I saw this trailer a while ago... but nice to see it again.

* Nice to see the timeline from Back To The Future II show up.

* I'm also relatively sure that "Patriot Lou" is the ending of the flick, anyone else?