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Didn't get your fill of naked men having a midlife crises in a hot tub? Well, you're in luck! MGM is allegedly interested in making a sequel to the time-traveling comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. Why, because it made a pant-load of cash in relation to the pennies it took to make. Thankfully, Rob Corddry (who was absolutely the best part of that movie) has signed on to reprise his role in the sequel as has the excellent Craig Robinson and Clark Duke. John Cusack is thus far uninvolved, which is sad because he helped produce the first film.


According to THR, Corddry is in talks to pen the script with the original director Steve Pink (who also might return to direct the sequel). But the bigger question remains, where will they set the time travel to? And now that they know they can change the future, how will they abuse this miraculous hot tub power?


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