Hot Toys Teases New Guardians 2 Figures...and I Already Lost Baby Groot

Hot Toys has unveiled the first look at its collection for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and I already have a ton of questions. long before I misplace Groot?

The latest figure collection for Guardians 2 looks pretty nice, if a bit incomplete. The new outfits for Gamora and Rocket look sweet, and I like the addition of Peter Quill’s helmet. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet whether we’ll get Yondu or Nebula, who are both joining the Guardians in this film. Also, I would kill for an Ego figure, but it’s understandable why they wouldn’t tease an image of that, as we haven’t seen any official glimpse of Kurt Russell’s character yet.


The previous Hot Toys collection for Guardians of the Galaxy got off to a rough start. The figures for Star-Lord, Gamora, and the gang looked impressive, but it took them almost two years to come out with a Drax the Destroyer, and that figure’s been delayed again until April 2017. At this rate, we might get the sequel’s Drax figurine before the one from the first movie!

But of course, the biggest query is about Baby Groot. Is he by himself, or is he an accessory for Rocket? Does he come with that rock structure so I don’t lose him in five seconds? Also, does Hot Toys really expect me to pay $200 for a tiny Baby Groot? Although, well, he is kind of cute. Whatever I don’t care, it’s Baby Groot, take all my money.



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