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Hot Toys' Spider-Gwen and Her Perfect Hair Want to Soar Into Your Spider-Verse

A close-up on the Spider-Gwen Hot Toys collectible figure.
A close-up on the Spider-Gwen Hot Toys collectible figure.
Photo: Hot Toys
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse not only brought us the wonderful Miles Morales, it introduced the world to Spider-Gwen. The ballet slipper-donning, ass-kicking fighter is the latest hero to be added to Hot Toys’ growing Spider-Verse collection—and she even comes with a hammy friend.


Hot Toys has unveiled its Spider-Gwen articulated action figure, based on her animated appearance in Into the Spider-Verse. It’s the second collectible figure in Hot Toys’ Spider-Verse lineup, the first being its fantastic rendition of Miles Morales as Spider-Man.


The figure comes with masked and unmasked Gwen heads (with her signature undercut), along four swappable eye parts for a variety of expressions on her masked face, and removable ballet slippers. It also includes several sets of hands and webs, as well as a cell phone, a makeup mirror, and a physics textbook. There’s also a character backdrop and figure stand for aerial poses...because we all know the first thing we’re gonna do with this figure it make her fly around!

Alongside Gwen is a small collectible Spider-Ham figure, because we all could use a little extra ham in our lives. Here are some photos of the figure, showing its versatility.

The Spider-Gwen figure pre-orders should go live sometime this week, and it’s set to come out sometime in the second half of 2021. Hot Toys hasn’t revealed how much it will cost just yet—but, given the company’s prior efforts, we can expect to shell out a couple hundred bucks at the least for the pleasure of owning our very own balletic Spider-Gwen.


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