Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's new weekly series gathering the latest and shiniest pop culture toys and merchandise around. This week: a very fancy take on Peter Parkerā€™s low-rent Spider-Man: Homecoming look, a giant Optimus Prime, and a fully armed and operational battle teapot. Letā€™s take a look!

Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Spider-Man Homecoming Figure


It looks like Hot Toys will be making a few figures based on Tom Hollandā€™s version of Marvelā€™s web-slinger in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But the first one Hot Toys is teasing, ahead of the movieā€™s July 7 release, is the homemade suit version, featuring the finest miniature sweatsuit youā€™ve ever seen. The 12-inch figure, likely to set you back a few hundred bucks, will include swappable masked and unmasked heads, plus three sets of swappable eyepieces to change his expression. [Facebook - Hot Toys]

Queen Monopoly

Queen guitarist Brian May revealed the band has been secretly working on its own version of Monopoly over the past year that will finally be available this May. Instead of working to build a fortune through land and properties, players will try to recreate the bandā€™s career over time by collecting famous gigs it performed over 16 years. As for the gameā€™s custom tokens? They include a bicycle (Bicycle Race), a vacuum (I Want to Break Free), as well as Mayā€™s guitar, among other icons associated with Queen. [Rolling Stone]

ThreeZero Michonne and Walkers


The TV version of Walking Deadā€™s Michonne is finally getting her own lavish 1/6 action figure, courtesy of ThreeZero. Depicting her as we first met her in both the show and the comicsā€”hooded cape and flanked by armless, jawless walkersā€”Michonne comes with the usual myriad interchangeable hands and her trusty Katana. The full set with the Walker twins will set you back a whopping $360, but if you just want Michonne herself, ThreeZero will offer a $165 version on its own when preorders go live next week. [Toyark]

Star Wars Death Star Teapot and Mug Set


Floating around the galaxy, blasting away planets, isnā€™t as stress-free as it may sound. Life aboard the Death Star can take its toll on Imperial troops if they donā€™t take care of themselves. So while that massive superlaser is recharging, this adorable $25 Death Star teapot, that splits in two to reveal a matching cup, is obviously the best way to enjoy a little ā€œmeā€ time before blowing up billions of innocent people again. [ThinkGeek]

Transformers: Age of Extinction Optimus Prime Evasion Edition Figure


With every new live-action Transformers movie comes a new line of slightly different, mildly updated toys. There are few reasons to buy a new Bumblebee every time another movie comes out, but the rusted and worn paint job on this 19-inch tall Transformers: Age of Extinction Optimus Prime is all kinds of wonderful. Available from 3A for $430, it justifies its obscene price tag with over 85 points of articulation, and an LED lighting system illuminating Optimusā€™ eyes and headlights. [World of 3A via Toy-People]

Diamond Select Toys Pulp Fiction Figures


Producing a line of toys based on a popular movie released 23 years ago requires you to jump through a few hoops. Diamond Select Toys initially announced its line of seven-inch Pulp Fiction figures a few years back, but theyā€™re only now finally available for pre-order at $23 each. The first wave includes Butch Coolidge, Jules Winnfield, and Marsellus Wallace, and each figure boasts 16 points of articulation, impressive likenesses given their size, and a display stand based on a scene from the film. [Diamond Select Toys via BigBadToyStore via Toy News International]

Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug


The award for ā€˜Best use of thermochromatic inksā€™ goes to this 12-ounce, $13 Star Trek mug. Add your favorite piping hot beverage and the Enterpriseā€™s away teamā€”consisting of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Bonesā€”beam from the transporter on one side of the mug, to the surface of an alien planet on the other. As your drink and the mug cool, the four Starfleet officers beam back aboard the Enterprise to boldly go into the sink for a hand wash, because this collectible isnā€™t dishwasher-safe. [ThinkGeek]