Okay, we lied when we said the last Rey figure from Hot Toys was the one we were waiting for. It’s this one instead.


Yes, the talented folks over at Hot Toys have finally turned their eye towards the “Resistance Rey” outfit Daisy Ridley wears during the final moments of The Force Awakens, journeying to Ahch-To to begin her Jedi training.

It’s pretty much a clothing update for the original Rey figure—save a few extra accessories— but it’s a damn good one. Rey’s final outfit looked awesome, and it’s nice to see that it’s being turned into an equally awesome figure.


Aside from her staff and blaster, Rey comes with the hilt of Luke’s (and now her) lightsaber, a satchel to hold it in, and the appropriate hands to grip them all. Hot Toys have yet to reveal a price or release date for the figure, but you can expect it to be around the typical $220-50 an individual Hot Toys figure usually commands.



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