Hot Toys' Latest Marvel Figure Is Truly Excelsior

Hey there, Stan.
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Hot Toys’ line of Marvel figures has some truly great standouts, but it’s supported by a line of more reliable “regulars” the company can churn out variants of pretty easily. 50 million Iron Man suits here, 30 million Spider-Man ones there, it’s figures like that that let them do the really fancy stuff. Maybe the next regular should just be Stan Lee cameos?

Because frankly, this adorable take on the dearly missed comics scribe is an absolute blast. Being released as a ‘Toy Fair Exclusive’ for 2019—meaning it’ll be a little bit harder to acquire than your usual, also kind of hard to acquire Hot Toys action figure—the 1/6 scale Stan Lee is based on his brief appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, regaling the Watchers with tales of all his prior appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Stan figure replicates his chunky, retro space suit, and comes with a series of swappable hands to pose Stan waving or relaxing on the little hunk of space rock he also comes with. The helmet on the figure is also removeable, letting you get at Stan’s sci-fi-styled specs, which are also removeable. But really, you’re not getting this for a litany of accesories or anything. You’re getting it because it’s a sweet action figure of Stan Lee. You don’t need him to come with a bunch of extra stuff, really!

This isn’t actually the first time Hot Toys has turned its bonkers level of detail to the legendary writer—back in 2015, the company released a figure that was simply just Stan himself, ready to pose and sit in his very own little director’s chair. But this marks the first time Hot Toys have actually immortalized one of Lee’s cameos from the Marvel movies into plastic. So what’s to bet there are more on the way?


I’d totally take a First Avenger military Stan Lee. Or a Civil War FedEx employee Stan Lee. Hell, go deeper, let’s get US Mailman Stan Lee from Fantastic Four! The world of Stan Lee cameos is Hot Toy’s oyster. The Guardians 2 Stan Lee currently has a vague release window of later this year or potentially early into 2020, so prepare your wallet accordingly.


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