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There’s always been a unsettling realness to Hot Toys’ absurdly detailed figures. The absurdity of seeing such a lifelike visage in such a small scale is disconcerting. But then there’s the times when such visages aren’t just wildly lifelike, but also boring their tiny little plastic eyes into your very soul.

Based on Luke’s new look for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Hot Toys’ latest 1/6 scale offering renders the Jedi master in exile with oodles of mysterious accessories, like a backpack of survival gear, a walking stick, his father’s old lightsaber, and even a Porg, as well as all the alternate hands—gloved and ungloved—to hold them with.


But what the list of accessories doesn’t tell you is that Luke also comes with another special feature: The ability to gaze deep inside your core, and judge all of your life decisions as completely wrong, foolish choices. Because, look at this face.

This is the “Son, I am disappoint” of Hot Toys figures. Luke can see the light, he can see the dark, but he can also see everything you’ve ever done in your life and he does not approve.


He’s even doing it to Rey! No one can stop the judgemental gaze of Hot Toys Luke Skywalker. He’d definitely judge you for spending $228 on him when he releases around this time next year, too. And he’d most definitely find you lacking.


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