Hot Toys' K-2SO Just Wants to Give Your Other Action Figures a Nice Big Hug

That’s clearly what he’s doing to this poor Stormtrooper, right?

Hot Toys is slowly working its way through unveiling its full collection of Rogue One figures—we’ve had the Deathtroopers, we’ve had Jyn and Chirrut, and now, we’ve got everyone’s favorite, non-shit-giving droid, K-2SO.


As befitting the lanky droid’s stature in the movie, Hot Toy’s K-2SO clocks in at a lofty 36cm tall (that’s about 9cm taller that Jyn, so there’s an impressive difference between the two). He’s got some glowing eyes, a blaster pistol and grenade, and he unfortunately does not have the dry humor of an Alan-Tudyk-voiced sound chip. That’s pretty much all you get with him.

Which is a bit of a shame compared to other Hot Toys figures, but I guess the uniqueness of K-2SO’s almost skeletal design is the appeal, rather than a bunch of cool gizmos. Plus, if he’s actually sturdy enough with those tiny joints to be able to heft up a Hot Toys stormtrooper, then at least he’s impressively put together.


If you want an acerbic security droid of your own though, you’ll have to wait a bit: Hot Toys’ K-2 won’t be out till late 2017, and will set you back $230 if you want one. You can check out a few more pictures at the link below.


[Hot Toys]

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