Hot Topic's New DC-Based Jackets Look Sort of Great

Okay, actually the best one is technically a hoodie and they’re all based on the DC TV shows. But they still look great. Although, predictably, the Gotham one is a little off.


The Supergirl hoodie is really the best one here. And the zip-down hood turning into her cape is one of the best uses of that kind of clothing.

The Flash jacket is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. We do question the lighting bolts on the bottom of it, though. On the front, they appear to be pointing out his crotch. On the back, they look like tiny, electric farts.


Similarly, both the Arrow and White Canary jackets are exactly what you’d expect. White Canary, unsurprisingly enough given her look in the show, looks the most like a regular piece of clothing.


See? There’s no symbol on this one to mark it as a superhero thing.


And lastly, there’s the Selina jacket. It’s a hoodie with ears because this jacket, like Gotham, is somehow not really comic book-y enough yet too weird at the same time.

The jackets cost around $70-80 at Hot Topic.

[Fashionably Geek, h/t Daphne!]


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