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Hot Nerds Reading Comics: A Blog For Supes And Dreamboats

Illustration for article titled Hot Nerds Reading Comics: A Blog For Supes And Dreamboats

The best Tumblrs tend to do one shtick well. Hot Nerds Reading Comics does two shticks well - eye candy and capes. Baby, whisper sweet nothings at my Man-Thing. My issue of Man-Thing, that is. [via Warren Ellis' Twitter]


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Corpore Metal

I guess I just can't understand why some nerds have to sex things up in order to justify something.

I mean so what? Some hunky guys or cute gals are reading We3 or old Kirby and Lee FF issues. Well that's fine but I don't see how it increases the legitimacy. Sure, it might be less staged than ads in fishing magazines where pretty men and women are show tying flies and making lures but, I really don't see the point to it.

And I think it might make the pudgy doughy members of our tribe feel bad. Hygiene and personal health issues aside, wasn't one of the formative moments for most nerds the realization that it didnt' matter what you looked like, it was WHAT you thought and how smart you were that mattered?

Didn't we, as kids, flee into the warm embrace of nerdom to get away from all the shallowness of the beautiful people? So why are we bring it back with stuff like this?