The climax to the pilot of The Man From Atlantis is like a super-low-budget version of The Spy Who Loved Me. Patrick (Dallas) Duffy's hunky Atlantean bod distracts a hippie college professor supervillain, allowing Duffy to flood the hippie's undersea lab and stop an evil countdown with just 3 seconds left. The lack of dialog only makes the bad hippie's looks of "I wanted you, and you ruined me" more poignant. Computers blow up, sailors escape in their submarine, priceless Greek statues are submerged. Click through for more underwater homoeroticism and another Atlantis clip.

In tribute to our earlier Hulk-vs.-phone-booth clip, here's another guy from Atlantis encountering a payphone for the first time and getting totally trapped. Plus a Navy researcher has fed all of Duffy's data into a computer, which spits out a shocking pronouncement.The Man From Atlantis may not even make it into the top 10 list of Gayest Scifi Shows of the 70s, but it's up there. Duffy spends most of his time wearing tight wet trunks, and there's one great scene where half a dozen soldiers line up to watch him swim around a little pool, over and over.


And then there's the flirtation as Evil Hippie tries to convince Duffy to join his, um, side. "My affliction is a result of a warped adulthood, coupled with an insatiable desire to be friendly," the supervillain tells the mostly naked and shiny-wet Duffy. "And I do want to be friendly with you." He adds, "I liked you when we first met. But now that I know more about your innards, I really like you." But it's all to no avail. It's always the cute ones who break your heart and blow up your undersea base.