Hot Fuzz Director Takes Ant-Man Seriously

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Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright says his new Ant-Man movie will be less overtly comedic than any movie he's ever made, and that he's working on a second draft right now. Despite featuring one of Marvel Comics' goofiest heroes, it'll be a full-on action film with some comedic elements tossed in. But who will be wearing the Ant-Man suit, shrinking to ant-size and communicating with ants? Click through to find out.


Ant-Man has a sort of troubled history, even by superhero standards. The original Ant-Man was Hank Pym, a mentally ill inventor who served in the Avengers and also created the Avengers' worst enemy, the robot Ultron. Then a reformed thief, Scott Lang, took over as Ant-Man in the early 1980s. More recently, a total asswipe named Eric O'Grady stole an Ant-Man suit and dicked his way around through a dozen issues of The Irredeemable Ant-Man.

So which Ant-Man will we see in the movie? Earlier, Wright had hinted that Ant-Man would be both the Hank Pym and the Scott Lang versions, but now he says:

It could be Scott Lang, it could be Hank Pym, it could be both - okay it is both, now there's an exclusive for you.


As long as Pym doesn't go schizoid and split into two personalities, we're good with it. [Comic Book Movie]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@MikeRapin: The recent Avengers Forever series, written by Joe Casey and set during the early years of the Avengers, portrayed Hank Pym as a total loon with multiple personalities and extra crazy sauce.