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Hot Chip's "I Feel Better" Video Makes Us All Feel Better — With Alien Carnage

Illustration for article titled Hot Chips I Feel Better Video Makes Us All Feel Better — With Alien Carnage

The latest video music video hotness from the genre loving group Hot Chip unleashes a group of laser-vomiting aliens on the muscled-up boy band. Stick with the video through the end — it pays off.


The video was directed by Peter Serafinowicz, who's best known as a Brit comic and is also playing Paul McCartney in the new Yellow Submarine film. I guess you might have seen him as the creepy Guitar-Hero-playing event planner from Couples Retreat, but he's much funnier than his appearance there.

Also, if you look really hard towards the end, you can see the real geniuses who created,"I Feel Better."


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Personally, I feel Pete Serafinowicz is at his funniest when he's not trying to be funny in a direct manner; witness 'Look Around You.'