Image: Dark Sky
Image: Dark Sky
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Most slasher fans have seen Hatchet, Adam Green’s 2006 sleeper about a swamp-dwelling maniac who hacks his way though a group of tourists. The cult hit spawned two lesser-known sequels, but a surprise fourth Hatchet film—titled Victor Crowley after its hulking antihero—looks awfully promising.


Here’s the brand-new trailer for Green’s latest, which very much confirms that Victor Crowley will be in keeping with the series’ horror-comedy vibe. The formidable Kane Hodder—who’s donned Jason’s hockey mask four times for the Friday the 13th franchise—plays Victor, also for the fourth time. As you will see, the film begins 10 years after the gory events of the original trilogy, as the lone survivor is tempted (with a pile of cash) to return to the soggy scene of the massacre. My dude... what’s the point of being rich if you aren’t alive to spend any of the dough?

Victor Crowley is out on VOD, digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on February 6.

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