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After a failed pilot in 2011, horror comic Locke & Key is getting another go at small-screen glory. Author Joe Hill himself is penning the new attempt and will be among its executive producers, along with IDW Entertainment and Circle of Confusion, which oversees The Walking Dead and Hulu’s cult drama The Path.


A six-book comic series, Locke & Key follows the adventures of a mother and her three children, who live in a haunted mansion filled with dimension-crossing doorways in the town of (shout-out!) Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

In a statement, an obviously thrilled Hill—who also saw a proposed feature film trilogy based on his comic bite the dust—said the goal of the show would be “to see if we can’t scare the pants off viewers everywhere.” Hopefully this new attempt at a TV series will have the opportunity to cause lots of people to lose their pants.


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