Horror Comedy Reaches New Low With Hunchback Sex And Vampire Kama Sutra [NSFW]

The new "red band" trailer for Transylmania reveals the true depths to which horror comedy will sink. It's sub-Scary Movie hijinks, complete with sexy hunchbacks, the "Codex Eroticon," bad vampire-slayer humor, laptop-penis mangling, and... synchronized swimming? The horror! It's maybe-NSFW.

This instant classic will be out Dec. 4. Click the link to watch the trailer in higher quality. [MSN Movies]

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Why was the Kama Sutra(sp) book censored but the topless vampires not? I'd actually watch this maybe by borrowing from someone but i sure wouldn't pay to see it.

Guess i'm the only one to actually watch this entire trailer because it is def NSFW.