Horrifying T-Shirts to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes you just need to wear a zombie on your chest to show that you mean business. This excellent new tee, complete with a glimpse of chainsaw, is a small part of Electric Zombie's line of gore-infested, deadly designs for the October season. But maybe zombies aren't your idea of a scary emblem. That's why we've got a few more designs for the discerning tee shirt scare-monger, including a shockingly mean bear. Jada Fitch has a terrific line of monstery tees, including one of a zombie nurse. But our favorite is this scary bear, which looks like a cross between a teddy bear and those freakish things out of the mutant bear movie Prophecy.


Here's a scruffy robot pirate, created by James Ellis. OK it may not be strictly horrifying, but it does look rakish. And rakishness can lead to fear . . . and maybe even to hate!

And finally, if you want to get truly scary, there is nothing more menacing than an 8-bit alien invader.


Just think — any one of these designs could be emblazoned on your chest right now. Electric Zombie Tee [via Hide Your Arms] Scary Bear [via Jada Fitch] Robot Pirate [via Red Bubble] I Was Scary in the 80s [via The Analog Revolution]

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