SXSW's "most likely to make you want to take eight showers after viewing" movie, The Divide, may be coming to a theater near you sooner than we expected. Anchor Bay paid a hefty sum for the rights to The Divide.

Deadline is reporting that Anchor Bay made a seven figure deal for Xavier Gen's drama (possibly the biggest deal in SXSW history).

Anchor Bay paid low seven figures for U.S. rights to the Xavier Gens-directed genre thriller The Divide. Multiple territories are still in play. France was acquired by BAC Films, and a deal will be made shortly for Canada, with Anchor Bay a contender for that territory as well. Content Film is handling international.


Which means, you might be able to see this creepfest much sooner than we anticipated. The is all about nine strangers trapped in a bomb shelter after the end-of-the-world. Here's our review of the film. Our advice: Don't eat too much before hand (and definitely not during).

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