Tuesday was a sad day for those of us who live at the intersection of the Venn diagram "Lovers of sketch comedy" and "history nerds" because CBBC's Horrible Histories aired its very last episode. But before they went, they took the time to speed-talk their way through the Space Race.

Horrible Histories always managed to incorporate science history into it's manic sketch show pace, whether it was with the Wonders of the Universe parody like the one below (featuring not Professor Cox but a "hot 'insert historical period here' scientist), a song sung by Charles Darwin, or a visit to a historical hospital.

Horrible Histories, you managed to be a hysterical, (mostly) fact-conscious, truly family show, and you will be missed. Even if we literally have never gotten the Vikings' song out of our head. "We're going to set this sleepy town alight. Literally..."