Hop Into the Weekend With This Adorable Gif Party

Gif: Warner Media

While not everyone celebrates Easter, there are two things about Easter we can all agree on: candy and rabbits rule.


And so, after a long week, as we approach a holiday weekend for many folks, we thought a gif party related to those things was in order. So sure, you can drop just cute bunnies here—but ideally we were thinking pop culture bunnies. Like Bugs Bunny above, for example. Or maybe the bunny from Hop. Or Frank from Donnie Darko. There’s even a killer bunny movie called Night of the Lepus that would work.

If you think about it, bunnies pop up in pop culture a lot. You’re Next. The Shining. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But I think this one has to be my personal favorite.

Oh Mallrats
Gif: Universal Pictures

Happy Easter and let’s have a GIF party below.

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Long weekend, which is good because I got my vacc shot yesterday and I can barely lift my arm today.