The Hilarious Atomic Robo Is Now A Webcomic. Thank You, Internet Gods.

Illustration for article titled The Hilariousi Atomic Robo/i Is Now A Webcomic. Thank You, Internet Gods.

Actually, thank you to Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, who created the wisecracking, Nazi-butt-kicking, modified dinosaur-defeating robot Atomic Robo. The pair are uploading seven years of Atomic Robo's adventures online and are turning their print comic into a free-to-read webcomic. Huzzah!

They have already uploaded the first volume of Atomic Robo online for our reading pleasure, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they'll upload a new issue. And they're not just sharing the old Atomic Robo adventures online; they will also be posting new stories online in webcomic form.

Why? Well, aside from the fact that Clevinger and Wegener clearly love us all and want us to be happy, their contract with publisher Red 5 has expired and they want to try a completely digital publishing plan. Digital issues will still be available through Comixology and you can support the team through Patreon and get access to behind-the-scenes goodies.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Atomic Robo and get reading!

[via ComicsAlliance]

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Hooray! Been meaning to read this for awhile but only had opportunity to buy one or two issues of the series.