Hooray, a version of the Jaws theme that sounds like a 1970s porno

In 1976, legendary composer Lalo Schifrin (Mission: Impossible, Enter the Dragon) released this astounding disco-funk cover of John Williams' Jaws theme. It sounds like afternoon delight with a megalodon...or riding shotgun with a hammerhead for a Bay Area car chase.


I've listened to this straight for the past 25 minutes. If you liked the Alien disco theme, you'll go gonzo for this.


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Chip Overclock®

I once heard conductor Richard Kaufman, who I dimly recall did some arranging for John Williams at some point in his career, tell the story that when JAWS first came out he went to see it with another aspiring film composer. As they walked out his friend turned to him and remarked "It was the perfect score".

Lalo Schifrin is, if I'm not mistaken, Argentinian, and besides a long career composing great film and television scores, he's written a good tango or two.

There's an old trick used by musicians (notably drummers and film composers) that leverages the fact that the listener's heartbeat will tend to syncopate with the beat of the music. You can speed up the listener's heartbeat by speeding up the music. In a turnabout of cause and effect, this tends to make us feel excited or frightened or nervous. The theme for JAWS uses this to brilliant effect.