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This week, Honor Harrington made her return to comic books in Tales of Honor: Bred To Kill, with a whole new adventure to fight her way out of. To celebrate, Top Cow and Image have release a short new trailer to celebrate, and— wait, is Honor fighting a giant space-bear thing!?


Here’s a short description for Tales of Honor’s second comic series, featuring the first new story arc created for the comics:

From the best-selling science fiction novels by David Weber comes the first-ever original comic story arc set in the Honorverse! Captain Honor Harrington and her alien tree cat Nimitz investigate her uncle’s disappearance and are forced to fight for their lives in a Solarian space casino battle arena. Honor may be genetically enhanced, but when she’s up against a super race bent on protecting their profitable slave business all bets are off.


Ah, battle arena. That explains the giant space-bear. It’s cool to see the comics expanding into their own stories, rather than just retelling the stories from Weber’s original books. Especially if it means badass Space-Bear fights.

Tales of Honor: Bred To Kill #1 is available now in all good comic book stores, and online directly through Image Comics.

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