Honestly, What the Hell, Supergirl

Alex Danvers, superhero.
Alex Danvers, superhero.
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After Supergirl aired what was arguably its worst episode last week, it seemed like the show could go nowhere but up. And it did! This week’s episode was infinitely better. And yet, it was also a thousand plots a minute.


Things went down so fast, and were so incredibly camp—without much of Supergirl’s trademark heart to warm it up—that I found myself essentially live-texting the entire episode to a friend.

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So I could recount everything that happened and talk about how disappointing it was that a season’s worth of plot has been crammed into the last three episodes, rushing what should be a heartbreaking story of legacy and rediscovery. But instead here are some texts I sent a friend.

So there you have it. A lot of the beats of the episode. Not included were Winn shipping Mon-El (the married guy) and Kara (the unmarried gal), Winn’s fancy new forcefields that are not that great against multiple Kryptonians, Alex using guns and Kryptonite exactly one episode after J’onn declared that the DEO would be a gun and murder-free institution, and a really nice part of the episode where Sam and her daughter had nothing but a force field between them and death by Kryptonian witch.

It was a wild episode from start to finish and the season finale, probably, will feature much of the same. There will, at the very least, be a battle between a sword-wielding goddess, witches, time travelers, and an alien savior from a mostly dead planet.


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Angrier Geek

My love of all things Super has to work overtime for me to watch this show even at fast-forward. It’s just gotten so. bad.

And there is flat out zero drama in any Supergirl episode where the fate of the world seemingly hangs on her shoulders because of the one thing they acknowledge in the open credits:

This is the third season and the third time something Krypton-related has threatened the planet (and the third time Superman has displayed zero interest in meeting others like himself), but oddly the first time where they just flat our refused to acknowledge Superman (in S1 & S2 Superman gets brainwashed out of the game because he thinks he’s human). So if you think the show has gotten worse, it’s not your imagination. It’s too difficult to explain Superman so they don’t even bother trying. Haven’t felt this kind of contempt for the intelligence of your audience since the best name they bother to come up with for Pre-Superman Clark saving people was “Red & Blue Blur.” No, I’m not kidding.