Honest Trailers takes on its easiest, greatest target: Batman & Robin

"Shooting fish in a barrel" is a phrase that has a negative connotation, implying that it's too easy to shoot fish which are trapped in such a contained space. But what if the fish really have it coming? Find out as the Honest Trailers guys work their magic on the most anemic of opponents, Batman and Robin!

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They nail one thing that I think a lot of people lose sight of...

BATMAN & ROBIN is not an adaptation of the comic.

It's an adaptation of the 1966 TV series.

It's weird, but once I realized that, the movie suddenly made a lot more sense. It's still really stupid, but at least I can see why it was made, and sort of what they were thinking. It was meant to be a funny, silly movie for little kids. And to be a marketing tool for toys and fast-food crap.

Also: I love the honest trailers. They're a hoot.