Honda Links Your Dirty Thoughts Directly To ASIMO Robot

Honda has found a way to connect your brain directly to its ASIMO bot, by directing the patterns of electric currents and cerebral blood flow. What's next: hands-free driving?

In an astounding presentation this Tuesday at the Honda Tokyo headquarters, the car manufacturer debuted this video presentation where a subject, donning the heavily monitored helmet, made the ASIMO robot move, using his brain.


According to Britebart the robot can respond to commands to move its right hand or left hand, trot and mimic eating - all through the power of mind control. The project's still in the heavy research mode and isn't ready for a live trial, as the helmet wearer could be too easily distracted. Also, since brain patterns are not universally the same, each subject needs two to three hours of study before linking up to ASIMO.

But I'm even more curious as to what happens when the sexy lab instructor shows up? All kidding aside, this truly is a jaw-dropping feat. This technology could enable millions of disabled people to control robotic avatars or wheelchairs, along with numerous other possibilities. It's hard not to think that somewhere Ronald D. Moore is rubbing his hands together in delight, muttering "I warned you all."


Photo from AP/Koji Sasahara

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