Homemade Sailor Moon movies are the new outsider art

There are plenty of cosplay tribute videos on the web, but these strange Sailor Moon home movies are gaining play due to their public access production values and the fact that all of the actresses involved look extremely bored.

I honestly have no idea where these come from, but the good folks at Topless Robot and Fashionably Geek have brought them to our attention. What distinguishes these videos from other cosplay tributes? For starters, everyone appears totally uninterested in being in these movies. In fact, almost all the actresses look mildly resentful. It's like they volunteered to help with a class project and accidentally signed a contract stipulating that they make a bunch of these videos. Furthermore, all of the fight sequences are marked by the same lackadaisicalness, and the super upbeat music just magnifies how unexcited everyone is. Here's the short introduction and a full episode:

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Only slightly worse production values than the original live-action Sailor Moon— which I secretly LOVED!