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Firestorm Is The Newest DC Hero To Join The Arrow/Flash TV Universe

Illustration for article titled Firestorm Is The Newest DC Hero To Join The emArrow/Flash/em TV Universe

Greg Berlanti is apparently dead-set on brining the entire DC universe to television. Besides all the heroes and villains who have already been added to Arrow's next season, Robbie Amell has just been cast as Ronnie Raymond, a.k.a. Firestorm, in The Flash.


Robbie, who is the cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell, recently has his schedule freed up when The CW canceled his series The Tomorrow People after just one season. I guess they liked him, though, because he's apparently going to join the third episode and then be a recurring character. In fact, he was supposed to show up in the pilot, according to Berlanti, as a S.T.A.R. Labs maintenance worker who played a role in the accident that gives Barry Allen his Flash powers.

So with Robbie Amell as Firestorm, Brandon Routh as The Atom, and Devin Aoki as Katana — for starters — the DC television universe is getting bigger and better all the time. And if The Flash is a hit — and it's looking like it will be — I can easily see another DC superhero show or two getting added to The CW's schedule in 2015. Because if Berlanti can add Firestorm to the word of Arrow and the Flash he can basically add anybody (that Warner Bros. will let him, of course).


Which means we're getting pretty close to a Justice League roster here, albeit more of a Justice League International-type line-up than the usual heavy hitters. I doubt the CW has the money to pay for a Justice League show — I mean, ABC barely has the money for Agents of SHIELD, let alone a series where half a dozen people have special powers that require unique special effects — but that doesn't mean they couldn't do a massive, week-long crossover event. The future of the TV DC universe is look as bright as the top of Firestorm's head.

[Via Variety]

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Huh. It's really interesting to me that The Flash show seems to be willing to do more out-there heroes (in terms of abilities) than Arrow has been to date. Though obviously, Arrow introducing the Flash himself was showing a willingness to introduce "super-powers" in a way the show hadn't seemed willing to do, to date.

Arrow has seemed to stick to characters in the "insanely well-trained fighters" mold, only branching out as far as a "super-soldier serum" concept that allows for feats of greater strength and so on. But other than the effects of the mirakuru serum, we haven't really seen out-and-out superpowers on Arrow, have we?

Obviously, the whole premise of The Flash itself is dependent on a reality-straining superpower. So it's just interesting that they're already thinking in terms of more heroes like that on that show. (Though also interesting that so far, they're all "science-y" powers — physics-related, if you will, to go along with Barry's experimenter/inventor identity.)

FWIW, it seems like a good way to go about things. Arrow has felt fairly… "grounded", in terms of its characters (if you accept that a super-soldier serum idea is within the realms of "grounded"), and just having someone like Firestorm show up in Arrow would feel pretty out-there in terms of the milieu the show has created. But so long as all the really WEIRD stuff is happening over in another city, it allows it to intersect Arrow's world when they want it to, without overpowering that world on a day to day basis.