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Holy @#$%, The Fantastic Four Reboot Is Bringing Mole Man To The Screen

Illustration for article titled Holy @#$%, The Fantastic Four Reboot Is Bringing Mole Man To The Screen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tim Blake Nelson has been cast as the Mole Man in the Fantastic Four reboot. In related news, holy damned mother of Doctor Doom* I can't believe I live in a world where a Mole Man movie may actually happen.


Unfortunately, Nelson will spend his time in the first movie as Dr. Harvey Elder before he left the surface world to lead the nefarious subterranean Mole Men; the character is being introduced as a set-up for later movies. But on the other hand, this does mean the first movie will probably pit the FF against Doctor Doom, which is probably for the best. Also, it means we're getting Mole Man in the FF sequel.

Of course, this is not the first time that Nelson has been cast as a villain before he became a villain — he was in The Incredible Hulk as Dr. Samuel Sterns, who become the Hulk foe the Leader. But I think he's even better cast as Mole Man; he's the perfect amount of creepy and semi-threatening without being ridiculous — which, I don't have to tell you, is pretty important when you're a guy trying to get anthropomorphic mole people to conquer the surface. So excited!


* She really was damned. She was in hell, for a long time. It's why Doom spent all that time learning magic — to get her out of hell. Dr. Strange eventually did Doom a solid and helped her ascend to heaven, but surprise, Doom failed to stop being an asshole.

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Ugh, I wish we could cast chubby actors for chubby characters.