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Holy Shit, NBC Is Really Gonna Make That "The Office But With DC Superheroes" Show

Illustration for article titled Holy Shit, NBC Is Really Gonna Make That iThe Office/i But With DC Superheroes Show

Hey, remember how DC and NBC were looking into making a workplace sitcom about regular people working at an insurance office inside the DC universe? Apparently they liked what they saw, because NBC has officially ordered the comedy, currently titled Powerless.


Despite the stunning success DC has had on TV over the years, I’m having a hard time imagining how this show’s humor would work for both nerds and general audiences. That said, this means DC/WB will again have shows on every single major network that isn’t owned by Disney, the company that owns their chief entertainment rival Marvel (i.e. ABC). That’s incredibly impressive, especially when your realize DC is doing it all without any real overarching plan like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.They’re just making as much TV as possible, and more often than not it’s tended to be pretty good. Comedies are trickier than action dramas, I think, but given their track record so far I think I have to give DC the benefit of the doubt here.

[Via EW]

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