Holy Mary Martin! NBC Casts A Woman As Peter Pan For Its Live Musical

NBC's live Peter Pan musical is turning into the most amazing thing that will ever happen on live television. Christopher Walken will play Captain Hook — and now Girls actress Allison Williams will take up the role previously played by Mary Martin, Peter Pan. This will be sensational.

We are overjoyed that NBC has decided to go the traditional gender-swapped Peter Pan casting route, because camp. Perhaps NBC learned after their Sound of Music premiere was that the only way to get through another live debut is to go full-on campy.


Hence the casting of Walken as Captain Hook. And we couldn't be more excited to find out that Williams will play the role of Peter Pan from the 1954 broadway show (which was also televised back in the day). Now all NBC has to do is rewrite the entire part of Tiger Lily (played by they very blonde Sondra Lee), and they should be good to go. It takes tremendous chutzpah to sing in front of the world live, so good luck to them all — and don't fret, Williams can sing. But we're really just in this for the Walken scenery chewing.

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