Halloween may be over, but there are still two unfinished pieces of business to wrap up: Finishing up that leftover pile of Halloween candy (no time like the present!) and checking out the amazing costumes from this year's Halloween Costume show!

Take a look at some of the costumes from the fourth (and final this year!) installment of io9's annual Halloween Costume Show. First up: Joshooah is the (as yet unreleased!) Disney Princess Batman.

The only thing AstroSquatch is missing from this Beaker costume is Bunsen.

manybellsdown is an ornithophobe's worst nightmare in this classic scene from The Birds.

What's better than one Buzz Lightyear? Ted Bruyere knows. It's two Buzz Lightyears.

peebles5 & co are The Land of Ooo. All of it.

ArsenicaLace and husband offer a great spin on Delirium and Destiny.

Hey! It's Gadget Hackwrench (a.k.a Brianne_Grace) from the Rescue Rangers.

algomeysa's 1958 Fly costume came complete with Teleporter.