Holy Hell The Next Jump Street Movie Will Crossover With Men In Black

Okay... this is unexpected. According to emails from Sony chief Amy Pascal, recently released by hackers, there's a very bizarre crossover in the works — one where Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's Jump Street undercover cops will team up the alien-investigating Men in Black agency. Seriously.

The movie will be written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed the other two Jump Street films, so that's a good sign. Apparently Sony liked the idea enough that to greenlight it as is. In fact, Lord himself said "jump street merging with mib i think that's clean and rad and powerful" in an email, in case you wondered in capitalization or punctuation were necessary to get to be able to make a nonuple-digit budgeted movie. However, it seems like Sony isn't even going to try to get Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones or Josh Brolin in the film, so don't get your hopes up to see the McQuaids and Agents J and K fighting alongside each other.


I have a hard time imagining how this could possibly work, but I really enjoyed the other Jump Street movies, so I have to give them all the benefit of the doubt here. But man, this is seriously bizarre. What do you think?

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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