Oh, this is frighteningly cool. Over the course of a year, Instructables user Shadowman39 built a live-size, functional skee-ball machine using oodles of the interlocking plastic construction toy K'Nex. As he explains of its specs:

This machine is full-size, coin-operated (takes quarters), turns itself off automatically, and counts points using a mechanical counter. And, all of it is mechanical, using only normal motors to power it (no CyberKnex motors). There are six motors used in the machine; four of them are used for just the counter. The only non-Knex parts used are a few rubber bands and the paper for the counter.


Shadowman39 has plans to provide a detailed guide on how to construct your own K'Nex skee-ball machine. Should you have a year and a shed full of K'Nex, you have your mission. As for the rest of us? Enjoy the hypnotic fruits of his labor set to pulsing house music.

[Instructables via Geeks Are Sexy]