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Holy Fish Biscuits! It's The Series Finale Of Lost!

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This week offers us a solid 3.5 hours of new Lost, but it's the last new Lost we'll ever get. That is, until The Lost Polynesian Christmas Reunion Special of 2020. Also, the season finales of V and Fringe!


MONDAY 5/17/10

On the penultimate episode of Chuck (8 PM, NBC, "Chuck Versus the Living Dead"), Scott Bakula guests as Chuck's dad, and Chuck and Morgan embark upon a risky side mission.

There are also two new episode of Monster on Syfy at 11 & 11:30 PM.

At 10 PM, there's a new episode of Extreme Planets on Discovery at 10 PM.

Late Night: Matthew Fox is on Letterman.

TUESDAY 5/18/10

It's also the penultimate episode of Lost (9 PM, ABC)! On "What They Died For," IT'S 60 MINUTES OF WALT! No really, it's 60 minutes of explanation as to why Libby was in Hurley's mental institution! Just kidding, it's a 60 minute presentation by Aldo - he's going to teach us how to brew Dharma Beer. No really, Flocke/Smocke/Fogcke/The Man In Blocke is coming after the gang (after the heart-rending episode from two weeks ago, sob), and Ana Lucia, Rousseau, Daniel Faraday, and Alex guest star.

On Ashes to Ashes (10 PM, BBCA), Alex meets a mysterious stranger who may help her return to the future.


On the season finale of V (10 PM, ABC, "Red Sky"), Val's water breaks! Erica and Anna get catty! Chad uses his investigative chops to make a discovery about the Visitors! And it's been renewed! You have a second season to look forward to! Another year of hot reptiloid-on-human action!

On Syfy, there's a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon from 8 AM to 10 PM.

LATE NIGHT: Jon Favreau is on Craig Ferguson. Matthew Fox is now on Jimmy Fallon and Janelle Monáe is on Letterman. I know we usually don't cover musical guests, but since she's doing albums about being a robot Messiah in the 28th century I figure we can make an exception.


It's a pretty slow day, but Jaws (8 PM, Encore) is on. That counts for something. The Man Who Fell To Earth is also on IFC at 11:30 PM.


On PBS there's Secrets of the Dead (8 PM, "Deadliest Battle") about the Battle of Stalingrad.

THURSDAY 5/20/10

Well, FlashForward (8 PM, ABC, "Countdown") is consigned to cancellation, so its barreling freight train of questions will never be answered. Ever. You will live the rest of you life unaware of what Hellinger's true intentions are, whether Olivia leaves Mark for Lloyd, or whether Keiko and Bryce make whoopee. Welcome to a lifetime of ignorance.

On the season finale of Fringe (9 PM, FOX, "Over There, Part 2"), more secrets of the other universe are discovered and the gang finds out that having a parallel dimension doppelganger ain't all it's cracked up to be. Also, Leonard Nimoy! You know you're down.

LATE NIGHT: Josh Holloway is on Jimmy Kimmel.

FRIDAY 5/21/10

On Stargate Universe (9 PM, Syfy, "Subversion"), the Destiny gang has survived their run-in with space ticks only to have Rush return to Earth to attempt to unmask Telford as a spy.

A new Merlin debuts at 10 PM on Syfy ("The Sins of the Father").

LATE NIGHT: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are on Jimmy Kimmel. Jorge Garcia is on Jimmy Fallon.


SATURDAY 5/22/10

On Doctor Who (9 PM, BBCA, "Vampires in Venice"), The Doctor encounters the deadly, wampyrical daughters of a Venice family who protects Venice. "This whole thing is MENTAL!"

SUNDAY 5/23/10

It's the 2.5 hour Lost finale (9 PM, ABC, "The End"). This is like the Super Bowl meets "Who Shot J.R." meets the Battlestar finale all rolled into one head-scratching jambalaya of madness.

Illustration for article titled Holy Fish Biscuits! Its The Series Finale Of Lost!

On Breaking Bad (10 PM, AMC, "Fly"), Walt refuses to cook and it's Jesse's job to get him back on track.


Thanks to David Daw for the awesome research.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

One simple request. I am leaving the country for 10 days on 5/22. I may have internet access from time to time but I won't really be able to see "Lost" till I get back in early June. It will be agony waiting that long. So if everybody could just refrain from even mentioning that it happened for a couple of weeks, that would be great.

Thanks, much appreciated