This is kind of insane. The Originals went and did something that changes all the rules for vampires everywhere. And there are hints as to just how much this is going to mean for the show going forward.

Spoilers ahead...

Yep, Davina actually succeeded in unlinking Klaus from all the vampires he’s sired (or the vampires they sired, and so on.) That’s kind of a huge change—it means that if you can manage to kill Klaus, this will have zero consequences for Damon, Stefan, Josh, Marcel and the tons of other vamps who are descended from Klaus. And meanwhile, at the start of last night’s two-hour Vampire Diaries/Originals crossover, we see one of the show’s flash-forwards to three years from now: Caroline visits the mystical bar where Klaus hangs out in New Orleans, only to be told that Klaus hasn’t been seen for three years. Duh duh DUH.


So the implication, I guess, is that something that happens in the near future causes Klaus to go way way off the radar (or leave town) for as long as The Originals is likely to be on the air. The Vampire Diaries is probably in its last season, so it makes sense for TVD to do flash-forwards that show what the characters are up to in a few years. But it’s a gutsy move to box in Klaus for the next few years, unless The Originals is planning on having a big time-jump.

Oh, and Bonnie finally got to be badass, with some hand-severing action. Go Bonnie!

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