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Holy Crap, We Really Want to Play Some Quidditch Beer Pong

Illustration for article titled Holy Crap, We Really Want to Play Some Quidditch Beer Pong

As fans who grew up with the Harry Potter books gets older, ways to enjoy their fandom get more adult. The latest example might be the best yet, a blending of Quidditch and beer pong.


A site called has created the rules and also has the necessary materials for purchase. Unfortunately, as of press time, they were sold out. Fingers crossed for a restock.

The game is essentially the beer pong you played in college, mixed with the rules of Quidditch. Obviously. Shots made without the rings are played as normal, but if someone makes a shot through a ring, the opposing team can defend it with a beater bat. If it goes in though, you get two cups instead of one. There’s also a snitch cup set off to the side that will end the game.


That’s the basic gist. From there, the site offers lots of more in depth options such as multiple spells you can cast based on house distinction. If you choose to go that route.

It sucks we discovered this after New Year’s Eve but maybe now you have an excuse to do another party as soon as possible.

[Unofficial Quidditch Pong, H/T Entertainment Weekly]

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