Holy crap, we did not expect this zombie monster!

This Saturday night, Syfy's TV movie Zombie Apocalypse will unleash the ZOMBIE TIGER on the masses, and Syfy has released the first image of this undead beast. That's right — zombie tiger doesn't give a sh-t!


This batshit movie also features Ving Rhames and his crew of undead-slaying badasses (including Taryn Manning) killing so many bloody-faced zombie fiends. We've got the first six minutes of Zombie Apocalypse right here, right now. Check it out — and then get a better look at the Zombie Tiger.

And then

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Zombie Apocalypse will premere on Syfy this Saturday at 9 PM. Here's the official synopsis.

In the Halloween-themed Zombie Apocalypse, a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the world's population. A small group of survivors, led by Rhames, fight their way across the United States to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina. The movie also features Taryn Manning (Hawaii Five-O, Sons of Anarchy). Zombie Apocalypse is a production of The Asylum (Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid).



"EMPs detonated to contain the infected."

Wait. What? Are the zombies coordinating their attacks via Facebook like some sort of undesirable group of protestors, or are they a shambling horde of mindless... zombies?

Seems to me like EMPs would only make it harder for survivors to try and coordinate. I mean, how reassuring would it be to get caught in the zombie apocalypse and be able to call your friends, make sure your family's okay, mapquest the nearest ammo supplies, and host a "Survivng the Apocalypse" event on Facebook to help the uninfected gather safely at your safe house (obviously you don't send invitations to your zombified friends or the people you would hate whether their status was Human, Zombie, or "It's complicated").

But then again, if we apply logic to a zombie apocalypse, we'll never get into one...